iso [i, saw] sky city

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Reaching For The Skies
f11.0 | focal length : 14mm | ISO 160 | shutter speed : various (see description)

| Description |

My flight got delayed today. One of the wing tips got chipped in Sydney when it was pushing back. So now it's stuck in Sydney for maintenance while I'm stuck here in Auckland. I took that as a sign for me to deal with unfinished business. So I lay down on my bed thinking long and hard about what I was suppose to do.

Two hours later I woke up.. It was dark outside.. darn..

But that's alright. I took that as another sign.. a sign that what I was suppose to do is to do night photography. I got my gear and went out hunting.

| Photographer said.. |

This photo was done with 5 photos, shot at 1/5 of a second to 10 seconds. All shot in raw to get full control of the details. If anyone wants to see the original photos of all the different exposure, write in the comment box and I'll post them up.

I had to edit it in Photomatix twice to get the color of the sky to show up. Then both photos were edited and merged in Photoshop.

The two ray of light (one from the left and one from the top) were from spotlights shining on to the tower. It does make a good effect on the final product.

What do you think? I think after doing this one, my last post on the dock looks like crap...

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overXposed said...

...i likes......i likes......i likes......i likes......i likes......i likes...

Maman said...

Stunning!!! Jaw droppers HDR!! keep it up bro!!!

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