iso [i, saw] a tennis player

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - A View From My Room
focal length : 11mm | other settings : various (see description)

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I was trying to find out more on HDR when I came across a site that describes how he digitally blend a few photos with different exposures to bring out the lights in different areas, in this case the foreground and the background. I thought of trying it out so I set up my camera through my window and gave it a shot. Lucky me, someone was playing tennis at the time.

This photo was done with 4 shots. One for the tennis player at ISO 800 f/5.0 and 1/4 of a sec. The high ISO was to capture the player which was moving all the time. The court and the building was at ISO 100 f/8.0 and at 8 and 15 seconds respectively, and lastly the city and sky at the background at 30 seconds. You can see them individually in the photo below.

Each photos were adjusted for colors, sharpened and removed the noise individually before blending them in Photoshop, and then adjusted again once they're flattened together.

There are still flaws in the photo, one being the street lights are still too bright for my liking.

Slowly but steadily, right guys? Any comments would be greatly appreciated..

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Dark Flashy said...

very good and excellent job OOF. i dunno what to say... perfect...

LensaMaman said...

Agree with DF I've been following up your trial on HDR...hehehe and this one is great.. Nice shot and perfect merge. will try my own HDR sometime.hehee

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks Lensamaman, but the thing is, this is not really HDR, well, I don't think it is.

I was merely blending them and then merging them together. It took alot more work then just selecting the photos on Photomatix then clicking enter but I'm fairly happy with the results.

I'll try to detail in some more info when I do another one, and I'll keep an eye out for your HDR.. Hehe!! Thanks man.

overXposed said...

...i likes......i likes......i likes......i likes...

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