iso [i, saw] an addiction

Photo by iris | Title - Vanila Cafe Latte
f4.5 | focal length : 22mm | ISO 400 | shutter speed : 1/40s

| Description |

Sprinkled with chocolate powder, this has become my usual drink everytime I stopped at Starbuck. Oh yes... it is very addictive. Emm now thinking about it.... I can't wait for my next flight where Starbuck can be found.

On a different note, so sorry for lack of posting. I have been running out of pictures lately since I could not go outing for a while due my wife morning sickness ( they called it morning sickness but my dear wife suffered from the morning she woke up til the night she went to bed ) for seven straight weeks. It became so serious that my mum had voluntarily send her maid from KB to help me out looking after my wife. Alhamdullilah she is now recovering and getting better.

Furthermore, I have been busy building my own photoblog which is now up and running. Many thanx to OOF, without his tips and tricks I might be still stuck with it. Luv u man!

A week ago I was away on duty that I was able take some photos while I was in Dubai but unfortunately I left my cable behind to download it to my MacBook. So I left with old photos ( posted here before ) to post but good enough to be posted on my new solo photoblog, KreatifPhoto .

So oXp, lets go out outing man. Need to shoot more. And with VF around, lets revisit the Empire Hotel Beach. Hehehe
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overXposed said... VF here, that son of a gun...he didn't even text me!!! today, tomorrow, tomorrow after tomorow?...i know OOF!! will hate this, he hates undated dates...

overXposed said... the way....congratulations...hehehe...

Out Of Focus said...

Congrats love.. Woohoo!! Welcome to fatherhoo.. eh!! u've got oleady right? Heh heh..

iRis said...

[oXp] Yeah... VF was here in Brunei before I flew to London but now I am back... dunno the story. And thanx, #3.. dangki ku OOF ada small one wah...

iRis said...

[OOF] Have u lost count. Thanx anyway bro.

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