iso [i, saw] at the beach

Photo by overXposed | Title - Logs - Vertorama
f/11 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various

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Today i urged myself to go for a solo outing, another beaching outing to Serasa Beach. So there i was after sending my daughter for her afternoon class, i zoomed away to Serasa Beach and it usually took me around 25 minutes to destination but i was slowed down by an accident which happened infront of the Muara Mosque, it was too late to turn back. Take a few shots and look at the time, and it was almost 3, daymn i said, i have to shoot away. Oh yeah, i almost got the wrong junction on the way back to get my daughter in SYSHHB, i was using the Muara-Mentiri-Sg. Akar route. I am hopeless in finding way and i can't even read maps. I am no Pilot you know. Oh yeah, this is my 1st attemp in Vertorama and today the clouds a wee bit gloomy.
*edited: now square*


Out Of Focus said...

Woohoo!! Vertorama!! Heh heh..

Okay.. Lemme check it.. Hmmm.. mmm.. m.. I'm gonna need to see the originals mate..

Hehe!! That's not a bad first try dude.. Ku basarkan gambar atu, inda nampak the stitches so you're doing great!!

Did you try the different exposures for the sky and the sea?

Great stuff!!

overXposed said...

u can see the original when u are in Brunei..hee..basically i f@^k knows what i did...just a tryouts...whee..

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