iso [i, saw] a baby coconut tree

Photo by overXposed | Title - I Know What You Did Behind My Back - Vertorama
f/20 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/40s

| Description |

When i took these shots, i heard few clicks, a very fast and random clicking sounds, i just ignored it. Then in a swift motion i turn my head and look very hard at OOF's retina and i asked " Did you or did you not? " Then with that charming face and waterylike eyes he innocently answered and almost stuttering, " Nnnnop!! ". Then he showed me last photo he took, yeah dude, i am not that gullible, but who cares, it was all fun.

| Photographer said... |

Anything for a good angle, one must sacrifice himself or his friend's car. Sorry OOF, i messed your car's carpeting. For info, the murky water in that longkang was knee deep and i hope it was worth taking the risk. Therefore i DEMANDED good comments. Thanks viewers, i love you guys and you too OOF.


Maman said...

OXP I think I know where your exact position at the time you took this shot. heheh.. Nice one man.. Worth it!! 5 Star..

Out Of Focus said...

Yeah man.. Worth 5 stars.. 5 out of a hundred. Haha!! Padanlah kereta bau busuk!! Hehe.. Love that cloud man.. Syg I had to get u in the frame so i lose out on the skies. It's okay I choose u over anything anytime. Hehe!!

VM said... must take the risk.hahaha i like that phrase..

nice one oXp..

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