iso [i, saw] a government building

Photo by overXposed | Title - Ministry of Religous Affairs - Vertorama
f/20 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/50s

| Description |

Copied from ' Behind The Scene - Vertorama', "This was shot at our first destination.. Help me out oXp.. I've forgotten the name of the building (it's the one on the left)" mean the one on the left from where i was standing IN ? It's actually Ministry of Religous Affairs building. I Googled it just for you mayte.

| Photographer said... |

Let us wait and see what's OOF will do with his shot of this building, an HDR perhaps?


aimNclick said...

woo..dis s my ministry's hehe..i got some pics of it 2 from different angle too..long ago i've tried to take photos from the rooftop..nice view up there espc looking towards de ministry of finance building during sunset hehe..maybe i'll try 2 upload it..btw u all r sure hardworking photog..good job people..thumbs up..

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