iso [i, saw] the red hour

Photo by overXposed | Title - That Particular Shape
f/18 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 0.6s

| Photographer said... |

I did not notice the cloud were like this when i took this photo. Maybe i was busy about something.


Out Of Focus said...

Mosquitoes!! You were thinking about the damn mosquitoes!!! Hehehe!! Lawa ah.. Looks like we were in Mars for our outing.. Hehe!!

Anonymous said...

hello bro..
cantek gmbr2 kt blog nie..
nice scenery..

DaniXP said...

damn bro... hehehe... magnific art of work... hehehe.. btw, pa beza nya ventorama ani with hdr biasa kan? teach me eh..

Out Of Focus said...

HDR is when you combine the same photo with different exposures to make it into one so that the dark areas in that photo will be correctly exposed (or something like that)..

Vertorama is when you take 2 photos of different areas and merge them to make one photo so that you can see more surrounding of that photo.

There's a tab at the top of this site. Its a tutorial on Vertorama. If you do one, do let us know. I'm always excited to see people do one.

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