iso [i, saw] that government building too

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The HDR Version - Vertorama
f10 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/320sec | flash : not fired

| Description |

I don't know what's wrong with me..

This was like the fourth photo that I had to re edit two to three times when usually it was fine on the first go. Maybe I'm losing it..

I didn't really want to do an HDR version of this, usually HDR comes to mind when the skies were dark and murky. This was not the case that day. But since oXp did that building and I had the same angle as his, I might as well give it a go.

Unlike my previous HDRs, this one was done with a single photo (2 actually because its a vertorama). I've never done it this way before, changing the exposure settings in Lightroom, but otherwise, the process was pretty similar.

I think I miscalculated the exposure on the building when I took the photo. It was similar to my 'Mall' photo, with the building area becoming too exposed. I guess that was why I couldn't get end product the way I wanted it to be.

I had to start from scratch for the third time before I was fairly okay with it. The sky too was a problem for me in HDR so the original non HDR sky was put back in place.

| Photographer said.. |

My son has been sick the last few days with the cough and flu. It's hard for me to see him coughing all night and couldn't get any sleep. I hope he gets well soon.


VM said...

It might be not to your liking bro. But it is nice on our eyes...this is stunning.

Hope your son gets well soon...

KantaLensa said...

OOF, outstanding shot and processing. Hope your son has a speedy recovery.

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