iso [i, saw] a building

Photo by overXposed | Title - JPMC - Vertorama + HDR
f/11 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 400 | shutter speed : various

| Photographer said... |

Me, iRis and VF went for a photo outing today. OOF!! would like to join us but unfortunately he got other important things to do. Luckily the weather was just nice for us to catch the sunset and not like the previous outings when it rains and when VF tag along, so VF, it was not you then, hehehe....


Out Of Focus said...

Wish I was there.. Damn you guys.. hehe!!

Nice photo man.. but I think I know where the stitch is. Bwwahaha!! It's coming along great, your vertorama is getting better and your HDR is good too.

Its becoming a pandemic this vertorama thingie it is..

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