iso [i, saw] today's ( yesterday ) sunset-redux

Photo by overXposed | Title - Sunset At Kampong - Vertorama + HDR
f/11 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various

| Photographer said... |

This is the first time i used 3 RAW photos to be generated in Photomatix. What i usually do is generate 1 RAW photo of which the exposure level has been changed to +2 and -2 respectively, so altogether i have got three different exposures at +2, 0 and -2. But i am not satisfied with the result, it seems like the photo is 'burnt'. Or maybe i should play around with Tone Mapping... i dont know. So.....OOF!! you know what to do innit. HDR TUTORIAL PLEASE..!!!!!

I used AEB (Auto Exposue Bracketing) setting when i took these shots. 3 photos for the top part and 3 photos for the bottom part. Then combined them in Photomatix and stitched in CS3.

And...the redux is becoming a disease also..hehehehe..


VM said...

yes..oXp..make OoF to gif us tutorial on HDR :P

but i haf to say...most of ur pictures not bad at all man...

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