iso [i, saw] that dave hill look

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Don't Look!! I'm Naked!!
f2.8 | focal length : 27mm | ISO 400 | shutter speed : 1/80sec | flash : not fired

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Maybe it's not as good as Dark Flashy's but slow and steady gets the job done. Hehe!!

| Photographer said.. |

Woohoo!! I'm in Brunei baby!!


VM said...

lawa eh...mcm 3d. Hw can u guys gt this using cs3.

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks man.. Ani baru experiment experiment. Hehe!! Maybe with a little begging, I'll put up a tutorial. Haha!!

VM said...

ahahha...blanja tea tarik,roti kosong ja...tutorial tarus :P

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