iso [i, saw] a headless man?

Photo by overXposed | Title - No Entry
f/4.0 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/160s

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This is just an intro what's comin' in the next few posts by me n OOF. We had a brilliant outing yesterday. The weather was fine. The planned was to do the outings just after quarter to four, but i was held back due to unforseen matters.Hopefully the photos will turn great. So hold back and take a deep breath and hold it...., hold it,..... don't breathe out just yet, let you when to breath normally, until then see you in the next photos.


Out Of Focus said...

HDR lawa ni!!! Hehe!! My photos are fine, except for when we were at this area.. I'll see if its worth processing it nanti.. Hope yours are fine too..

overXposed said...

i know...but lets start with a simple photo first ya....

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