iso [i, saw] this during sunset

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Tower - Vertorama
f5.6 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire

| Description |

Damn.. I didn't have a tripod with me..

I didn't expect that I'd be out of the house the whole day and then some. So all I had was my camera with me.. and I've got no one to blame but myself.. and maybe the misses. Hehe!!

But after all that I think I've caught myself a good one. Though with a tripod, the blue hour comes to mind.

You see I was planning on shooting the sunset after a day out with my wife, son and the in laws. The final stop was Hua Ho Delima branch and it was already 6 pm. The sky was turning yellow with a tint of orange in the horizon. My heart started pounding heavily and there was no way I could send them home and go off again in time for the sunset.

'Do you mind if I just drop you off here and pick you up later?' I said to my wife with droopy eyes and a pityful smile. She looked at me with one eyebrow touching the sky.. then smiled and said sure..

One second later I was out of sight. Do I have the coolest wife or what?

| Photographer said.. |

I suggested to oXp about this place while I was still in Singapore. I guess he wasn't interested. Too bad huh? Hehe!!

Two sets of 5 photos each for HDR and vertorama. I then didn't like the look of the sky in HDR so I blended back the original into the photo and set the opacity to about 60% to get a little bit of the HDR sky back into the photo.

One other thing.. thanks for the feedback on my last post. I was hoping for more but you guys seem to like what I did as well as eager to learn. We'll have to wait and see if there will be a tutorial.. Hehe!!


overXposed said...

...Who said i aint interested, its actually the time factor of which sometimes i only had a few seconds for myself n the others are for other commitments n interests...heee..

VM said...

How come you can take this picture? wasnt it a gate in between the road and that tower...or der was a way to go in.

hahaha...andd ur misses is cool man..mun aku ada yg merajuk tu...

great picture just blew my mind.

Out Of Focus said...

This one is from outside the gate.. Kalo u go to the recreation club, you'll pass this on the way. Thanks man, it blew mind too.

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