iso [i, saw] my daughter

Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - Anakku
ISO 640 | 20 mm | f/4.5 | 1/250 Sec

| Description |

Ok, i believe this is close to the technique that Dave Hill use on their photos with Photoshop. The ability to recreate David's look with photoshop is virtually non-existent. Dave is a lighting expert and a photography genius.

However it is possible to get a fraction of the look using Photoshop and this is what I try to do in this post. while results are not Dave Hill they are somewhat close to the look...


overXposed said...

awu bah, tutorial "somewhat close to the look" pun okeh...

VM said...

hahahaa...oXp banar tu.

now i know what u guys talking abt this Dave Hill thing.awesome

PainQler said...

A day with ur daughter..

A great one..
Cherish the moment bro..

Once i'n a life time experience..
See u won't leave behind ur camera..

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