iso [i, saw] a wooden jetty

Photo by overXposed | Title - Tied - Vertorama
f/8.0 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various

| Description |

The fishermen's hut at a different angle.

| Photographer said... |

I began to like vertorama, and it is like a disease, just look at OOF!!, he has been infected and i think there is no cure for it other than to do more. Stitching the photos together is easy but getting the colour to blend together is a real pain in the..... !!


Out Of Focus said...

Wow!! Makin handal sudah!!.. Hehe! Aww MAN!! Now I'm not special anymore.. Hehe!!

This is good man.. I think you're getting the idea. Well done.

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