iso [i, saw] the shopping mall too

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Mall - Vertorama
f22 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : did not fire

| Photographer said.. |

I don't like it.. Something's not quite right but I can't put my finger to it.

This was the original place we wanted to go to this trip but after about 5 minutes scouting the area, I thought that this was probably not such a good idea. I came across this place in a few other blogs and I thought it was brilliant, but that was not the case that day. I took some shots of it anyway and so did oXp as you've seen in previous posts.

Even after editing it, it still didn't look right (to me). Maybe it was the clouds, maybe my vision failed me.. Or maybe I'm not as good as I thought I was.

Here it is anyway. Maybe I'll visit it again the next time I'm in Brunei..


overXposed said...

this is brilliant...i tried to get the reflection as well with long exposures but not with overexposing (oXp-ing) how did u manage capturing the reflection with so purrrfecton ah..Yes, it was the clouds n the sun setting just next to the left of the mall is a bit too much...n there should b four perahus in the river..OOooooOoo...u took this before i arrive ah..will prove to u guys in my next post the four perahus..

Out Of Focus said...

Hey man!! In your photo, there were 3 perahus too lah!! So don't say I shot this before u came!! Hehe!!

How long was your exposures? Remember.. I set my aperture to its smallest size so my exposures had to be longer than yours hence clearer reflections.

And also SHARPEN SHARPEN SHARPEN!! I'll tell u a little trick nanti on how to sharpen ok.. Hehe!! Maybe this Friday when I meet you.. Karang org lain ikut. Hahha!!!

iRis said...

Actually oXp bro, OOF's version of reflection was just like you. What he did, he flipped the photo of the mall upside down, tinted the colour and blurred it. That's why it was clear. Right OOF? Hehehe. Just a guess.

VM said...

hahahahaha....possible iris...lets ask the man himself :P

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