iso [i, saw] a stick

Photo by overXposed | Title - Golden Sunset
f/22 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 400 | shutter speed : 1.0s

| Description |

This photo was taken during my outing with iRis and VF. I think this is the only photo worth posting about sunset over the beach. I love sunsets, but the photos are mostly so typical, so the boring. We had this thing about beaching outings which is no beaching outings.

| Photographer said.. |

The camera was on tripod, and i thought i just pressed the SET button and put the ISO back to 100 but eventually i did not.


Out Of Focus said...

Wow.. Are u sure u took this photo? Or did you take this photo off from some one else's blog? Hehe!!

This photo is cool man. It is so not you to do something like this.. I guess u have improved alot..

Nice one dude.

VM said...

Nice water flow man...great picture.

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