iso [i, saw] the stadium

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Game On - Vertorama
f4.5 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired

| Description |

We almost forgot about this place.

It was one of the places on our list. We were so hooked up about the sunset and that we didn't really know where would be a great place for it.

After I've seen the end product, I'm glad we didn't miss it.

| Photographer said.. |

Do you want to know what I did processing this photo? Let me just give you a short brief.. I'm not going to say the whole process like take 5 photos into Photomatix then slide this slider to where and that slider to what.. just basic stuff.

Okay.. here goes.

2 sets of 5 photos each set merged in Photomatix then take the 2 sets and stitched them in CS3. Weren't happy with the flooring because it was too dark so after flattening the image (because the file was so large) I saved it (let's call this photo A), opened it in Lightroom and set the correct levels for the floor. This time the sky would be too exposed. I then edit a copy (photo B)in CS3 with the Lightroom corrections, dragged photo B (layer) under photo A (layer), then slowly erase photo A to show photo B floor which had the correct exposure.

Then flattenen the image again and set the color balance to the remove the yellow tint (hear that oXp?). Once satisfied with that, I played with saturation to boost the colors. I wasn't happy with it so I saved the file and opened it again in Lightroom and change the settings there. I also played with the fill light and recovery settings as well as contrast.

Then I went back to CS3 to reduce some noise and sharpened the image. Finally the logo was put in place then saved for your viewing.

... and once and a while you wonder why people never comment your photo after all the hard work you put in.


VM said...

I like how the sky looks... uve always got the idea when it comes to processing..Its like a stream of river on the sky. And d floor...its like kena engrave something on it...

another amazing picture man...esok esok standing ovation ku ni

Maman said...

Adehh... I'm loosing behind again.. Stunning image.. the floor came alive.. the sky.. kinda gradient dark to light..nice one man..

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