iso [i, saw] another government building

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Parliament Building(?)
f11 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/125sec | flash : not fired

| Description |

I'm sorry.. I'm bad at this.. All those big government buildings in Brunei, I just have no idea what they're called.

This was supposed to be for Maman because he asked me if I could shoot the Legislative Building and for some reason I thought it was this.. Big argument arise between oXp and I over what it was called. It was settled by the flip of a coin.

| Photographer said.. |

Funny story this..

Initially, as what I normally do now is, to do a vertorama of this building. Standard stuff, standard shoot. One for the ground, and another the sky.

Lately, I had trouble processing my work so this time I told myself to go slow and don't rush into it. I tweaked and matched the color balance, levels and all other settings as close as I could for both the photos. I then set up my square canvas and dragged the two photos and slowly stretched the sky to align it with the ground and slowly but steadily stitched them together.

Then comes the lower part. It seems that we shot the building at a distance that in order to straighten the edges of the building, when I stretched the photo,the whole of the bottom photo filled the entire canvas!! There is no need for the top photo anymore! Hehe!! What a waste of time..

No special editing for this one. I just wanted to get my groove back before I do something else..

| One other thing.. |

My son is slowly recovering, he isn't coughing as much last night. Thanks for all your thoughts. I'll be doing some training tomorrow for work. After that, I might start doing that tutorial you guys are waiting for..

The key word here is might..


Maman said...

OOF yes.. this is the Legislative Council Building..

I know it's a challenging one cause this building is huge & wide and thought it will be nice to see in Vertorama scene.. Yup I'm satisfied man.. Thanks OOF..

And.. sorry for the argument that arise between you and OXP over that building.. hahaha.. next time i just request you to shoot something nice and amaze to see.. hehehe

VM said...

Well done man...i dun knw what to say...its just stunning.

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