iso [i, saw] cotton candy clouds

Photo by overXposed | Title - This Way Or That Way? - Vertorama
f/11 | focal length : 20mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/200s

| Description |

Not the best clouds as OOF's.

| Photographer said... |

When few photogs went for an outing, the subjects are mostly the same, what differentiate the end results are the perspective of the photo, camera settings and the post processing.

OOF always tell me to sharpen the photos but now i tried a different approach, i slide the Clarity level to -100, i.e all the way to the left in Lightroom thus creates a soft but not blurry photo.

*added after a brief online discussion with OOF*

OOF commented on this photo and some posted photos previously and he has been very honest about it, he said that this photo is a little bit yellowish or havin' a yellowish tint, but to my eyes it is just fine. needed and honest answer, the question is, " Do you think this photo is yellowish? "


VM said...

I stared at this picture for quite awhile. Trying to find the yellowish which was mention. but i cant find thats an honest answer. It looks fine to me...nda ku tau kalau monitor ku ani nda lurus colour nya..heheh

Maman said...

i can see the grass and the tree on the left a bit yellow.. maybe that's the real color.. I don't know.. it looks fine to me..
(I need to get this kind of shot soon..)

Out Of Focus said...

Its too late man.. This kind of shot, either on the center grass lane or the middle of the road has been copywrited by iso [i, saw].. Heehee!!

Maman said...

Hahaha... I have to shoot on rainy days then.. hahaha.. or maybe night time.. oh! no!!..I shouldn't mention it... .hahaha

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