iso [i, saw] the other side

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Legislative Council Building - Vertorama
f8.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired

| Description |

Maman may be satisfied when he wrote a comment on when I did a post on this building but I wasn't. That post was just to make sure that I got the right building. Plus I was just teasing him a little doing it without anything special on it. Hehe!! Also he wanted me to do it in HDR so my mission was not complete.. until now.

| Photographer said.. |

Did I mentioned the trouble we had to go through to get this shot, Maman? After oXp and I settled our differences, we agreed on the first position we were at was not the best place to take that shot so we had to find a different angle. We went once around the building and thought that the best place would be by the side of the road.

And so we did.. Parked by the side with only inches away from zooming cars, had to wait til the coast was clear before we ran across the road to the center where the metal railing was and jumped across so that the cars that was zooming pass won't hit us, into a bog drain that was in the middle of the center area of the road, went down on our knees to thank god that nothing happened to us, took a few shots and then do the whole thing again this time to gey back to our car.

We almost died for you man!!

When I did that post on this same building, I said that was having trouble doing some editing and that I wanted to do something nice and simple to get my groove back..

I haven't got my groove back. It took me 5 hours to do this photo alone.. well including feeding the baby, getting the baby to sleep, playing with the baby.. hehe.

Same stuff, 2 sets of 5 photos each set to create this photo. I forgot to mention that most of my HDRs were shot hand held. No tripod, no monopod, no nothing. Which was why there are some areas which are a bit blurry because it doesn't quite match with the other 4 photos.


Maman said...

OXP and OOF.. Thanks man, appreciate what you have done.. but please don't risk your life again.. hehehe.

OOF.. this one is great.. and I wasn't expected you gonna Vertorama it.. I love it.. Thanks man..

OXP and OOF, Salute to both you.. and sorry for the trouble you guys have gone through man..

KantaLensa said...

Outrageously outstandingly beautiful. I keep looking at this again and again. This is one place I want to go outing.

VM said...

The building came alive bro...

love what u did with the clouds...

sikit lagi la kan standing ovation...up lagi! hehe

n good composition man hahahha

Out Of Focus said...

Maman - I can't resist a good challenge. Though most of the time I failed in challenges, this time I think I did just right..

KantaLensa - Thanks man. Yeah this is a tough one like what Maman said.. cos ia basar banar.. But if you could find a different angle, that'll be awesome.

VM - I'll quote what most women say about me.. 'You're a HARD man to please..' If you know what I mean.. Hehehe!!!

Thanks guys..

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