iso [i, saw] a goodbye

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - The Other Side
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

I finally went out and shot something.. well actually I only had enough time for 2 photos (6-8 shots per photo). This one was at Raffles place where my wife works.

| About the photo |

I know.. the title sucks. Digital blending of 6 photo (DRI) exposures between 30 secs and 2.5 seconds.

| Photographer said.. |

A while back I wrote that I am not the kind who doesn't like to share knowledge. I will always tell people what I know but reminded them that I am not always right.

If you go back a couple of months I have put up tutorials on vertoramas and the wax effect. Back a few weeks came the projects which I thought would benefit anyone who is keen to better themselves. A few days earlier there were discussions on camera settings like ISO, apertures and shutter speeds.

What I don't understand is when people ask for tips or advice, what exactly are you asking? Is it what to shoot? Well in a general point, that's where the projects come in. Is it how to shoot? Discussions were made a few days earlier.

One must put in the effort if they want to be better. In other words... practice. Post your photos, say what you like or don't like about it or what you want to do with it but don't know how to. I'm sure there are people out there who can help.

If you want something specific from me, ask me and I will tell you, provided that I know. People who know me will tell you that although I may not be the best teacher, I would die trying.

Like I said before, in one outing I can take as many as 100 photos but maybe 10-15 would turn out right. Then comes processing where it'll take me up to 2 hours to do one photo.. if I'm lucky.


VM said...

:) lawa yet to try.the son is still alum baik

PainQler said...

A nice one.

My note;
Been observing this pics for 5mins now. yet i could not understand the pics with the title..

It does confuse me abit..
So i know now.. a title does somehow creates a combination of a good picture or not.. C&C on this issue OOF.

P/s: Bro ane baru porno..
3 budak mandi tolanjang..

overXposed said...

Awu ah, symbolic banr ah...what i can see from this beautiful photo is, the one who is waving is me, and the other two is OOF pushing DF into the water...hehehe...jangan mare ye adek2....

Out Of Focus said...

Yeah man.. I guess its true what you said. Better not write anything when you're half asleep. I can't believe I couldn't think of a better title than a goodbye or the other side..

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