iso [i, saw] the guard

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Gargoyles - Vertorama
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

Time to unleash my dark side a little.. It's been awhile since I did anything sinister.. other than the one I did on the 20th.. but that one was processed early last month.

Again, out of touch, out of photos. I wasn't sure I was going to process this because of the car in the background. I waited 15 minutes for him to move but he didn't.

Cybercanon had reminded me about the kind of photos I use to do.. dark and eerie.. and I thought I have a go at it once again. All I need now is some blood... Hmmm...


PainQler said...

Dark & sinister..
It Prevail a beautiful chapter..

A secret hideout?
A ringleader hideout?

A street with no name, lurks a sinister man doing he's thing and waiting for his victim and... eerkk

What a minute..
Is that the statue with the big tongue..

P/s: Lwa bro..mcm ceta gangsta..

PainQler said...

what - should be wait..

I'm typing one eyes shut again

Nai69 said...

Brilliant! Love the perspective and the sky+tones fit perfectly,great shot!

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys.. PQ, better one eye shut than one mouth open.. Heheh!!

Cybercanon said...

you WOW me again...great job with this many frames u've used for this bro? *sigh* there's a lot for you to shoot where u are now right bro~? hehehe... ok remind me when i go to SG i want to HDR the Merlion hahaha

Tankian JR said...

crazyy! this pics teingat ku cerita the shadow by stephen or alec baldwin kali.. i mean, kalau nada kerita atu.. hehehe

VM said...

i felt like im seeing something gangster abt it...lurus kata si PQ.Mcm tampat secret hideout.

I think that man in the car nda kluar2 bro FBI kali...pikir nya u ani from other agency jua kali hehehe ....oouuutt~

Out Of Focus said...

Cybercanon - 2 sets of 5 photos each set for this Vertorama HDR. Thanks for the WOW dude.. Hehe.

To the other guys, thanks for the compliment. I knew the car would haunt me one day.. Hehe!

dnuur said...

SUPER WOW... when can I shot photo like this... 'sigh'... (speechless~)

Maman said...

I'm speechless again.. back to my secret hideout.. cari idea.

p/s. This place is not my secret hideout okay.. hehehe

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