iso [i, saw] kids

Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - Shorter And Taller The Me
ISO 400 | 20 mm | f/5.6 | 1/60 Sec


Anonymous said...

nice processing work dude, cantek, same goes to the 'gadis melayu', mcm dave hill effect ni *i like* any tips? ehe keep up the good work

PainQler said...

A good work..
Working the lines..

You put an effort in gathering & commanding this lovely kids to one straight line & snaping their picture.

A platoon, varies in personality & attitude..Gathering all of them in one places sure makes the grandparents a headache..

But then, that's what we did in our younger years..
Those fond memories..

Some may have gone along the way..
Yet is so if it was just only yesterday..

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