iso [i, saw] a shopping mall

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title -Vivo City - Vertorama DRI
f20 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

One of the biggest shopping mall in Singapore.

| Photographer said.. |

This was meant to be a blue hour photo but due to unforeseen circumstances, it turned out to be a night one instead.

I must come and get another shot of this. I don't quite like the angle I took it from. It's just so difficult when there's so many people around.


PainQler said...

The Blue hour photo...
It's spectacular..

Been there from my previous visit.

i didn't recollect any thoughts, on how to get there..
But what i rememmber, too tired walking & carrying my shopping goodies..
Lights inside the vivo mall was bright & burn my eyes..arrrgghh..

Emm, i'd rememmber dinning in one of the cafe there..

VM said...

Bro...a good one so jealous.The city of lights...siuk eh

PuppetPicasso said...

for some the shopping mall would be any common everyday sight.. for others (mcm tuan OFF), assisted with the knowledge in photography, the sight become spectacular for a person like me to adore..

3A's said...

great combinations of every details, care to teach me every steps of your editing, OOF? care to learn more from you...

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys for your kind words.. 3As.. Bulih.. I charge $1... per letter. Hahaha!!!

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