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Here you go guys.. The links to the slow it down project. I know you've heard this before, but be nice and leave comments to those who have joined in okay, even if its just to say nice work. It'll only take a minute, it's the same as writing on your face book. Hehe!!

Main page
OOF!!'s Troll's Eye View
Kunyanyang's Spidey
NCE's Light Painting
Jinano's Light Wave
OOF!!'s City Never Sleep
Kunyanyang's Magic Chair
OOF!!'s Merlion
boOnz's 80km/h
OOF!!'s Bright Lights
VM's Light Painting
Kunyanyang's Wierd Kunyanyang
3B's Light Trails
Nai69's Dragonball
DaniXP's Multiple Light Painting
Nai69's Dragonball II
PainQ's Slow Shutter Stream
VM's Spooky
VM's Slow It Down
Tankian JR's 1st Attempt
VM's Chasing Lights
VM's Travel Thru Time
DhaniXP's Beach Project
3A's Star Trails
Dudsy65's Night Sky
Kajap Aja's Slow Shutters *6 entries*


PainQler said...

Another project gone..
Now comes the 3rd one..

The project iso, have grown to a popular site, where photographer are keen to show their creativity.

I now indulge in it too..
These guys[iso] have shown encouragement & support to others
in developing each other photography..etc.etc..

Nonetheless, it does leave a benchmark for others to follow..

Photography does bring photo enthusiast to share & learn more
& thus having fun..

I praise highly for their efforts, in putting togetherness among us..

Enough said..
Let the project call slow it down

wishing the best to all..

P/s- I'm stuck with ideas for
the 3rd project..arrggghhh..
kompom aku last lagi mengantar.. Darn..

Out Of Focus said...

That's true what you said.. about trying to put the togetherness among us. I do try to set the bar high, not to put everyone down but to lift them up. To encourage them that if a color blind, nothing better to do nobody like me can do it, they can do it better.

I couldn't have said it better, PQ. Thanks man.

BTW, selalunya sapa yg post lambat, inda byk comment. Hehe!! Baik lakas!!

overXposed said...

..aku pun alum babuat ni projek ni..fracture ku eh.....arghhh.....

PainQler said...

OOF & oXp
The project is Done..

Entitle : Slow Shutter Stream

Hope turns out well..
OOF how are you bro?

Out Of Focus said...

Weak in the knees.. So far I've done drips, butt injections, chest xrays, blood test... the works!!

Doctors were dazzled why my fever was so high and had a hard time trying to cool me down.

I'm okay now.. fever under control. Just coffing saja sikit2.

Tried to do some editing but mind can't concentrate.

Tunggu ja kajap lagi ah.. Hehe!!

Thanks for askin PQ...

Out Of Focus said...

Oh.. Err u want me to link ur project too right? My Chinese is a little rusty.. Let me ck with PQ dulu. I heard his Chinese is amazing. Hehe!

PainQler said...


The transalation:
Nice work
Nice work
Nice work
Nice work
Nice work
Nice Blog
Nice Blog
Nice Blog
Nice Blog
Nice Blog
Nice Blog

Emm.. a repeat word..
I guess they are amazed too & lost of words seeing your picture..

That's sum's up your day..

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