iso [i, saw] tug of war #3

Photo by Dark Flashy | Title - Penonton
ISO 320 | 75 mm | f/5.3 | 1/60 Sec


PainQler said...

I had a glimpse of the event the other day..

I was in full gear..
Until i did it again..
Leaving out my CF card after my editing at home..


P/s: Among all the spectators, i noticed one person is looking at the camera.. mcm posing untuk bro sja usulnya..hehe..

Dark Flashy said...

huh!!! bad for you..
he hee, yup that person control hensem lah bro..

Out Of Focus said...

There's actually 2 guys looking at the camera.. The kid standing and the guy sitting. Hehe!!

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