iso [i, saw] the waves

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Sunset At Pasir Ris Beach - Vertorama
f14 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

After having done a few photos on DRIs on my night shots, I thought I had a go on something a little more challenging. I've been meaning to try this for a while now but I just never had the time to go surveying the beaches here in Singapore.

This was unplanned. As most of the beaches I know here are facing east, the sun was never in the right place for a sunset shot.

This one is for DaniXP, for he who used an ND8 filter and I did not. Hehe!!

| About the photo.. |

Since this is merely a trial processing, I didn't put in much work on it.. well I did actually, I just didn't put in as much as I wanted to. It was simply to find a way to process it. The beach and the sea is a combination of 5 photos, digitally blend using layer masking and the sky is from one RAW photo tweaked for saturation and levels.

I was hoping to shoot it closer to when the sun was setting but since it was unplanned, I didn't bring my tripod. All this was shot hand held, speeds between 1/30th of a sec to half a second.

For those who is really interested, read on..

I used f14 so that I could slow down the shutter enough to get a little movement on the waves. Different speeds are used because although I can see the waves with slow shutter speed, the other parts of the beach and sky will be too overexposed. Layer masking is used to show the correct exposures.


PuppetPicasso said...

superb for a hand-held.. your good at processing the pics.. well, i dun. i only half understand what you said here.. haha.. 2 thumbs up!..

PainQler said...

Loving this pics..
Another sunset scenery
Among the best, i've seen so far..

Unplanned pics turns out to be
The shoot of the day..

P/s: bro kh 2 menunggang 2?
bhapa bro 2? nda sampat posing kh?

Tankian JR said...

ND8 filter ni is safe to shoot the sun.. is it?

i love ur colour process at d right side yang blue sky and water atu bro

Nai69 said...

Bro another spectacular shot!!!
I love the comp and the colors.Kurang tarus stress d opis by looking at this pic..a classic sunset.

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys for the comments.

Tankian JR - ND8 filter is something macam tinted glass. All it does it reduce the amount of light entering the camera. That means if its too bright, u can't get the effect of the waves cos ur shutter speed will be too fast for the correct exposure. If u slow it down, u get the waves but the photo will be overexposed.

Ada faham? told u i'm not a good teacher... Hehehe!!

Jinano said...

whoaaa.....this is great bro! A magnificent shot....a 5 star for this shot.

s167 said...

love this shot bro..loving the colors also..

dnuur said...

its... (speechless) love it... try this before but NEVER succeded... :(

Cybercanon said...

wahh nice~ Pasir Ris reminds me of the great nasi lemak there...siasiapun~

Anonymous said...

w/out ND8 filter the output is still amazing, good attempt bro. Nicely composed, and the colours standout pretty well. Extra credit for not using a tripod; it's quite sharp hehe *thumbs up*

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