iso [i, saw] the way

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Race Track From Hell - Vertorama
f9.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/125sec | flash : not fired
| Description |

This was the way to get to Genting Highlands.. or shall I say the way down. This was shat close to the top maybe just a few kilometers away.

| Photographer said.. |

Not one of my best photos but I just wanted to show you this incredible road construction on the mountains.

What's wrong with the photo? The sky wasn't good enough, it was too cloudy that day. The angle could've been better, but I wasn't able to get any higher than where I was standing and the long weeds got in the way. There were not a lot of places to stop and take photos, this was the best out of 3 stops.

Maybe next time when the guys from VA decided to plan a driving, photographing, KL trip with me, we'll be able to get better photos. Hehe!!



Fly said...

salam bro,saya x pernah gi genting highland, dah pernah plan nak gi asik x jadi je :) xpelah tunggu e-ein membesar lah boleh bawak gi sana.

PainQler said...

This is remarkable..
A beautiful scenery shot at Genting..

The pics:

The long weed is just a minor setback. But bro, you have captured this pics handsomely. The clouds look astonishingly massive. The hotel stood firm ontop of the hill, with clouds shadowing the trees, sure look pretty cool up there!!

In the distance, i could see a skywalk going down towards its destination. The road in snake trail manner did contribute to this already splendid scenery. A pool of cars seen miniature in the far end of the road..

See bro.. You did quite well..
Relax bro, don't push yourself too much.. Let loose, enjoy ur photography..

P/s: Enjoying your picture, while having my dinner.. Aaah Dinner & a Show..

Out Of Focus said...

What can I say love, I'm a perfectionist.. Heheh!!

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