iso [i, saw] the motion picture project

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Swing It To Me Baby!!
f5.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/125sec | flash : not fired

| Description |

Picking up the pace a little from the last project which requires you to stand perfectly still or use a tripod, this time we practice on panning.

So what's a good technique for panning? I dunno, You tell me. My photo didn't turn out so good when I tried it so I'm hoping they'd be some one who can show me the way.

So the theme is iso [i, saw] the motion picture project, and it's all about movement. What ever you can think of.. cars, bikes, boats, snails.. As long as you can see movement, you're good to go..

| The most important thing.. |

I've tried every trick in the book. I even made color fonts on my wordings.. It's all up to you.

"Please write in the COMMENT box and NOT the CHAT box if you would like to get your site linked. I WILL NOT link you if you write in the chat box. Please mentioned that the project is from this site so that we can have more participants and that we can enjoy and learn from everyone else. Remember that you are getting exposure from this website and I hope you will return the favour by mentioning this site on yours. Please leave comments on others."

I'm sorry guys, but I have put my time on doing projects and tutorials and linking people for participating. The least you can do is do as I asked.. It's all about learning and having fun and getting to know one another.. Who doesn't want that?

Other than that, tell me how its done guys.. I need help on this..


PainQler said...

The Last three project conducted by the iso[i,saw] something crew have been endeavour.

The previous project have been a steping stone for the newcomers & the season photographers pitting their creativity hand in hand to develop & improving others.

I too had indulge giving my creativity to be shown.

Apparently after a slight hiccups, the anticipated 4th project is now commencing.

The motion picture project is set to be the new challenge & i'm hoping a bigger crowd of photo enthusiast to show their mettle this time.

Every project is a new challenge, but the motive is still the same emphasising the togetherness, the bonding, bridging the gap & most importantly friendship.

Without further due..
Let the project begin..
Hope the best to all photographers hunting photos..
Be Well..

P/s: Apalh bro nda tau, panning shots atu, camera atu paning lh. pikir kiatani sja paning, camera pun paning apa..[hehe]

PainQler said...

I see..
You've come up with the 4th project ideas after snaping this pics right? [speculating ideas of mind again]

How thoughtful of you..

Then, ryan having a blasst swinging at the swing...

P/s: Bro main ayun tah jua?
Dare you to stand up at the seat & do the swing a somersault..

Out Of Focus said...

Actually I've had the 4th and 5th project in mind sudah but its just that I never had the time to do panning shots til then.

Plus I was trying to get more people involved by asking them for suggestions but no luck there.

And since this was going to be a community thing from the beginning, I was thinking that maybe someone can do a project on their site so instead of them joining mine, I could join theirs.

So how about this.. What if you do the next project on your site then you can be as mean as you want on the comments.. Hehe!! Jadi semua urang will be more motivated by your comments. Woohoo!!

To be the best you got to beat the best!! So long as you dont beat the crap out of the best. Hahaha!!

Bah.. Next project is yours right PQ?

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