iso [i, saw] the ring II

Photo by overXposed Title - Emerald Water - HDR + Vertorama
f/11 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various
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I have to retake and recompose these shots. It was as shown below. The trees are very distracting. What i did was, i jumped over the greens and hoping that i am going to land safely. The tiles are a bit slippery though, if i was happened to fall in the fountain, i would rather get myself wet than my camera.


Out Of Focus said...

I'd rather u wet ur camera then u can buy a new one... MkII!! Hehe!!

Good processing man.

PainQler said...

The Ring II

You have set a good example in taking a good shots & angle bro!

It gives me the idea, when i out there doing outdoor photography..

U never seems to fail me either..

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