iso [i, saw] the way

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Light The Way
f7.1 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

This was from my first Sailing Club photo shoot. What got me was the lighted walkway that leads me into the sun that has already set. As night was falling, the sky turned blue and the sea calmed.

I really love the blue hour...

2 RAW photos (13 and 20 seconds for the foreground and background) manually blended in CS3.

| Photographer said.. |

2 weeks gone.. I guess the project was a failure.. It was fun while it lasted.. Thanks guys for those who participated last time round..


dnuur said...

nice view~ really wanna go there one day... once again, you nailed it bro~

Out Of Focus said...

If you think I nailed it on this, wait til tomorow's post. Hehe!!

If you're ever here my friend, set one day to go shooting with me. I'll gladly take u somewhere other than the shopping malls.

Thanks for the comment.

Rio Photographer said...

lawa bro eh.. d mana kn ni? lau u outing aku join eh..

Out Of Focus said...

S'pore bui.. Hehe! Kan outing sini? Buliiih.. Hehehe!! Nantilah when I'm back in Brunei I'll mention it here kalo kan outing..

Thanks for the compliments bro..

PainQler said...

The Blue hour turns out well.
A great effort.
This is spectacular..

The project is a failure dude!

You should get on with the 4th project as soon as the 3rd one ended..


Its still a great job u've put up.
Untill now, i get me going for more pics & away from my hibernations.

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