iso [i, saw] make-up disaster

Photo by overXposed Title - Clowning Around
f/9.0 | focal length : 20mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/80s

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*edited on 28th June 2009*
As requested by OOF. The story behind this photo is, these guys are not actually clowns. They are just normal passers by roaming around the fountain. They look sad, very sad. But when i was about to leave the venue, i found a bag of cut linens and raggy clothes and next to it was a disorganised box of make up stuffs. Then a bright idea struck my brain. I made a quick stitch to the linens. Then i called the sad people to try them on, oh lucky me, it fits!!! Then a quick make up on their face to make them look happy and joyful. Then the clown is born!!!

Little do they know, it was not a make-up, it was actually a polyurethane paint!!! That gonna sticks for some time.....Sucka!!!!


Out Of Focus said...

Dude!! Storylah sikit.. What's this about man? Lucky lah you dapat this gambar..

PainQler said...

The clowns..

The story u've written remind me of the previous oXp.
It's even better when u did something rather than just posting ur pics.

With the storyboard attached it really caught my attention.

Well done!

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