iso [i, saw] the ring

Photo by overXposed Title - A Diamond Ring - HDR + Vertorama
f/11 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various


PainQler said...

Welcome back Bro!
It's been that long since ur last posted pics.

This is spectacular!
The Ring is best viewed & captured from down here!
Sauron's[lords of the rings] lost ring is now been discovered by oXp..[previously by a hobbits]

A welcome note:

Eventhou, ur not around u still got the touch & charisma to all of ur picture's posting.

P/s: Bro,lain mcm ja bro ane?
Gmbar2 cincin?

overXposed said...

PQ: u really brightened up my day n nite...heee...awu bro gambar cincin tah ku ani....tekanang kan kueh kikgkin bah...hehheh

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