iso [i, saw] the way

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Wooden It Be Nice - Vertorama + HDR
f22 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

I went out with my ol' friend Joe again this evening.. Although this wasn't originally where we wanted to go but having pressed for time and mainly not knowing how to get to our initial destination, we had to make due with what, or in this case, where we know.

| Photographer said.. |

Was this what you saw, Joe? Not really huh? Makes you wonder what I did to make it look like this. Now you know why I took so many shots of the same thing.

The next time we go out, let's just stay in one place and we'll talk about processing.

| About the photo.. |

6 shots HDR for the lower part and 2 for the sky (one for the yellow tint on the clouds and another for the blue area).

| One other thing.. |

Joe's leaving for Brunei this Friday. Its been fun seeing you here man. I enjoyed getting lost with you in this tiny island and looking forward for our next venture.


PainQler said...

A spectacular sunset scenery at the Jetty.
The scenery was so calm & soothing.

I would visit & take some photo here someday..

It's so quite & there!!
Whereas the jetty scenery at Kg Ayer would be somehow busy with boats & roars of engine boats at sunsets.

Mrs OOF(Reading corner)
This is a very well documented pics of the jetty your great husband is capturing at sunsets..
Did he come home late? heheh..

Back to the schedule..
So Bro, i have seen the highway, the city, the jetty & nightlife at singapore..

A PainQ request:

Would you kindly snap pics of the sunsets at one of the Village there{if it does exist] in singapore.

A note:
I'm a nobody trying to be a somebody..
That's why Bro OOf didn't know PainQ that well..heheh..

s167 said...

a beautiful view of the sunset from the jetty..

Out Of Focus said...

I may be missing something... what's with the woof woof thing? Something I should know?

Thanks for the compliments..

PainQler said...

Woof.. woof
Wolf..wolf is a twin..

Then, you didn't heard stories to it..Pity..


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