iso [i, saw] what could've been

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Almost Missed - Vertorama
f4.5 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/125sec | flash : not fired
| Description |


I was about to tell my wife that I wanted to stop by the beach that day after picking her up from work for some sunset shoot but she told me that she was hungry after not having anything the whole day before I had the chance to, so we ended up at the nearby mall instead for some early dinner.

Double crap...

After parking the car at the multi story car park, the sunset glazed onto my eyes calling me to stare at it and sounded something like 'man.. you're gonna kick yourself for missing this sunset..' and surely I did.. I kicked myself hard for missing this.

But I still wanted to show you. Eventhough the foreground is an eyesore for me with all the buildings getting in the way, the sunset was still hypnotic..

| Photographer said.. |

If I do get a chance, this is the sort of sunset photos that I wanted to do ever since I had this new camera. A lighted foreground, a hypnotic sunset with orange tint on the horizon and a little of the blue hour on the sky..

In a way, this is a preview of what's to come for my next sunset beach photo, and a trial practice for me. Hehe!!

| About the photo.. |

One exposure for the sky and sun at 1/640th of a second, 5 photo HDR for everything else.


s167 said...

loving the skies bro ehe..

i also came across the same problem too bro ehe..where i'd wish i brought my camera everywhere i go...eventho my tripod always stay dlm keta eheh..

can't wait to see the next sets of sunset bro hee X3~

VM said...

i still think its a great shot bro.
A view from somewhere u'l never thought off

Fly said...

Great shot bro, awan begitu memukau

Out Of Focus said...

Thanks guys.. s167, A camera should be treated like a mobile phone. Always have it handy. Hehe!!

PainQler said...

A perfect shot from where you're standing.

The Sun is setting & yet it looks bright enough for my eyes to see what's in this picture you have captured.

I've noticed one person is looking up at Bro OOF...[Apa yg org atu buat di atas sna tu hah..sniper kali?] hehe..

I'm treating my camera as a camera, while a mobile is a mobile cause looking at my mobile at the current state, i wouldn't dare to treat it as a mobile.. heheh..

Mobileku gugur sna, gugur sini..Kadang2 inda ingat d mana ku simpan..

So that's why i've kept my precious camera where it belong, only when it's time to summon it from the dry-box then i do some photographing..

Rather than that... i'm opting for a tokina wide lens instead..
Thanks for the offer..

p/s: bro lau B$300..c puppet membali kali 2.. atu pun lau bleh installment aah.cincay lh 6 bln..

Maman said...

Bro sampit jua sudah view nya ni.. Kalau aku bro, nda ku tefikir kan buat vertorama bah. ani u've done it with a stunning results!

Crap!!??.... No bro, this pics give me a lot of ideas...

PainQler said...

Bro maman..
You are absolute right with that thought..

The pics is awesome..
But "Crap!!"
Emm praising while crusing...

Out Of Focus said...

When I say 'crap', I meant 'shit' Hehe.. Eh.. Sama jua tu.. Okay.. lets try this again..

What I meant when I said crap was that its a beautiful sunset, I should be at the beach not the parking lot..

Vert'oed? Yeah.. Kalo inda sampai the upper part of the atap tah ganya, so I needed something else in the frame..

Thanks man..

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