iso [i, saw] another production

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Darth Maul - Diorama
f2.8 | focal length : 50mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/30sec | flash : not fired
| Description |

Here's another one from my toy collection.. Finally.. some use for them after spending so much of my lens money.. Hehe!! PQ, you have something like this right?

Hand held, minimal processing. just a little sharpening.


Awang MurCD said...

wuhu lawa. ngam kta kunyanyang mcm bnar.

Out Of Focus said...

It better be macam banar.. Life size doll ni brader.. Heheh!! No lah.. This is an 8 inch figure.

Thanks guys..

Anonymous said...

Looks real bro! hehe so real. Nice lighting, off-camera flash? or other technique? Looks good, looks real, interesting. Awesome.

Out Of Focus said...

What's off camera flash? Hehe!! I'm a landscape photographer.. I know not what that means.. Hehehe!!

Technique? Hmm.. Black cloth background (sarong bantal yo..), window is behind me.. That's it. Sunlighting. No flash, no tripod.

Processing? Just slight adjustments on the colors, darken the black background and sharpening..

Thanks Dhani.. If I only have my own real darth maul so I can scare the crap out of everybody.. Hehe!!

Nai69 said...

Atu banar lawa... look real to me. Salute u bro..

s167 & Dva said...

great one bro..paksa minjam mainan my nephew ta ni untuk di cuba jua hehe..

the return of Darth Maul hehe...

Anonymous said...

Off-camera flash usually used for strobing. Nope, not just a landscape photographer, but an expert landscape photographer, a "sifu". hehe! Good technique though, and good use of ambient light. That's the part that I'm interested at, out of simplicity, I see quality in this shot. Well if u have a real darth maul, I guess ppl won't be asking tips or tutorials from you then. If you do have one, pls let me know in advance.. Hehe!

PainQler said...

Darth Maul looking awesome!
His pose really strike hatred & vengance among the good guys..

But i love this, & if only he be a good villian & to kill all the jedi, sure he'll be among the elite villan like Darth Vader..

His attitude wins my heart as he trusted no one. except himself..his self believing make him the ultimate predator yet..

Great work OOF!
But i would love if you could make his face a bit red..

Having Darth Maul replica of my own..
I like to tease with this by placing it at the kitchen table & switching off the lights or just hanging it at the stairway..

My sister hates it whenever i notice she'd be late coming home, i deliberately place this near the gate..
One could hear screaming!!! from my bedroom..heheh...

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