iso [i, saw] the sun

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Rock Bottom - Vertoramaish + HDRish
f11.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

I went to Punggol beach yesterday hoping to catch the sunset. The weather wasn't all too good but I needed something to ease the itch I have, having all dried out of new photos.

With the clouds covering most of the sky, it wasn't something I wanted to show off. I've tried everything I know but I still couldn't get it the way I wanted. Dhani's done it. He jinxed me by saying that my photos have consistent.

4 hours and 5 redos later, I decided that the black borders is my best option to cover up the sky.

Thanks Dhani.. You dunnit this time...


Anonymous said...

*lol* r u kidding me?! lawa kali ni ahh, oh common OOF! haha this is not the worst i've seen, in fact none up to this stage from you. This is still consistent.
As big as those rocks, nothing beats the beauty of the sunset in this photo. I can go on and on..but overall this is a great photo. Let's see what the others have to say. You still got it man, u still got that "OOF factor/vibe" going on! hehe! I'll be happy if I could create such epic shot, u wish dhani, u wish.

Farish Razali said...

well.. no comment lol!! well this is the trademark i guess for oof so far i do realize he have his own creativity's and such watermark tho not stated his names on the photograph itself but we can judge that his.. the uniqueness of his vision towards what he wanted to captured. I wish I have the same vision as his and combined with my wedding style, I'll be more than happy to capture those moments in my wedding style.. perhaps someday hehe!! need to focus some parts in my wedding style.. lack of ideas already sighs*

Hey I just found this link, it amazed me in a way.. may be you guys seen it.. hehe here~

saya budak baru belajar~lalalala

s167 & Dva said...

even if Dhani jinxed you bro..the photo still turned out great..your PP trademark or as what Dhani said, the "OOF factor/vibe" can still be seen in this photo hehe..

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I did not "jinx" OOF, did not and did not. hehe! I did haha not not.

PainQler said...

This is sunset & its best!!
It couldn't be any better..

Wait a minute..
something look fishy here?
Did anyone ever seen a Movie about cacoon?

Looking at this displayed image, it remind me of such movie about it..

Is it a rock or & egg?
Sure looks like an egg?
Talur itik basar yg tngah diparam..
Ane kanyang makan ne.. yum..yum..
Tu nah kuning talur far corner of this picture...

This is a great pics..
Consistent bro ane..
Kambang bro ane eih..

VM said...

it made me took a deep breath here. my fast hard pumping heart beat slows down...where am i ?

great processing man

Out Of Focus said...

Rio, settings are posted atas gambar atu, bawah tajuknya. The shutter speed saja lain lain. That's for the rocks to be processed for HDR.

5 shots, speeds 4secs, 2.5secs, 1.6secs, 1sec and 0.6sec. Then I manually blend them over the 2.5secs non HDR photo for the more realistic look.

The shore line wave atu is from another photo lagi shot at 1/8th sec to show a little movement.

The sky is again from a different shot at 1/40th sec.

VM, thanks for the compliment.

PQ, thank you for telling me about cacoon. Dari ariatu ku memikirkan.. Hehehe!!

Dhani.. Hehehe!!! Hmm maybe you did, maybe you didn't.. Hehehe!!

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