iso [i, saw] glass exterior

Photo by overXposed Title - Too Many Reflections - HDR
f/7.1 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various

| Description |

Three photos at different exposures and hand held. It is the same building that OOF shot during the night. I took these shots during my final stay in Singapore.Wooohoo....


s167 & Dva said...

nice bro..great shot especially taking this handheld at the same spot hehe..i dun see you dlm reflection a2 bro hehe..

Out Of Focus said...

Heheh!! I know why u shot this during the daytime.. Hehehe!!

Funny story, the lights went out twice on oXp so he couldn't finish his night shots DRIs.. Hahaha!!! Kasian eh. Kalo sekali inda jua ap, but twice? On the same night?!! Hehehe!!

Good angle on this bro.. and good processing too.

Anonymous said...

nice architecture shot, cool reflections

overXposed said...

OOF: i really wanted to shoot this during daytime because the mirror effects will be great and by the way, i went there again the next night with wifey and i had 30minutes of shooting after a few hours of shopping....atu pun inda cukup masa utk menggambar let alone the shopping...heee

VM said...

shooopppinggg....malas ku kesana dulu eh. ada org mengigul kan ikut karang.

oxp u shudnt mention that prada!! haha, meliat bini ku! geng prada ku mana ? hehe

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