iso [i, saw] a guy going down the spiral staircase

Photo by overXposed Title - Goin' For A Leak?
f/5.6 | focal length : 20mm | ISO 200 | shutter speed : 1/25s

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That is actually OOF goin' down the staircase. And i am not sure what he was doin' down there. He said that he heard a voices down there.... of course la macam macam bunyi kan di dangar di bawah atu, namanya tampat laluan orang... d'uh!!! What u guys thinkin ah... bunyi suara mengilai?.. hehehe...or humping-hard-breathing voices?.. if the latter one aku dulu ke bawah tu buii... And OOF actually was not goin' for a leak.

I had great time there mayte.....thanks bro...


PainQler said...

Cool pics..
Love this one..

I see..
I hear..
I Talk...

As seen..probably OOF is heard on something.. Perhaps onthe look out for spidey.. This is been confirm by bro oXp.. look at the visual captured..

No its not sekadar gmbr hiasan..
It's OOF..
Or best yet..OOF afterall is Spidey..trying to change to his spidey outfit..

No Wonder..!

Farish Razali said...

I believe the blue cap is his fav.. He wear the same one meeting me last time hehe

s167 & Dva said...

pigi mana tu bro?leaving oXP alone di atas hehe..

Out Of Focus said...

Hensyum eh that guy.. ehehe!!

Leaving oXp sorang? Yeah.. that's right!! He's too chicken to check the place out.. Hahaha!!

Cool ah? Ada ada saja idea mu atu bro...

Dhani said...

Good shot bro, simple but eye-catchy. I like how u took the angle, nampak d spiral

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