iso [i, saw] a parking idiot

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - How Not To Park Your Bike
f9.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/125 sec | flash : did not fire
| Description |

Yeah yeah.. I do do single shot photos sometimes.. I am normal you know..

Another one from the Done folder. This one was taken way back during my Amsterdam series. While scouting around for things to shoot, I came across this old bike chained by the bridge.

People looked at me as I walked pass this giggling like a school girl in an amime movie. Hehehe!!

In fact I'm giggling right now as I write this.. Hehehe!


PuppetPicasso said...

hahaha... this is the best one bro... never occur to me "parking idiot" would be a bicycle.. usually cars. nice background.. and colours too!.. hahaha!... (padih parutku..)

i salute you bro.. heheh... out banar konsep gambar ne compare with what you usually posted...

post more! post more! hahaha...

Fly said...

salam sahabat, apa khabar? sedang berada di negara mana lah sahabat sekarang ni ya? cmnelah leh camtu parking bicycle :)

Dhani said...

A great shot with humour is very entertaining. The picture tells the story hehe I started giggling when I read the first line plg when you said you're 'normal' hehehe good one. But OOF, be it single or multiple exposures, your photos always rock!

Out Of Focus said...

Dhani, are you saying I'm not normal? Hehe!

Fly, I'm not flying much these days. Kali terbang pun, kejapje, tak sempat nak ambik gambar..

PP, outkah? Hehe! It's been in my Done folder for the last few months, I wonder why I didn't post this before..

Thanks guys..

KUNYANYANG... said... bro, i didn't know we could park bikes that way...hehehe rim nya lgi bingkok tu yo...hehehe

Dhani said...

haha I didn't say that, did i? keke and I dun judge ppl hehe tak pernah terlintas di fikiran pun selama ini, esehh but since u mentioned it that way, I find it amusing and did laugh a bit :) Bah keep posting man.

PainQler said...

Oo.. A nice one!!

He must be in such a hurry!!
or it's easier for him to spot his bike..Better yet he's a forgetful person & parking his bike in such a manner would makes things easier since all park bikes looks identical..

So there you go!![hehe]

PainQler said...

Bro Anime..katun 2..
Hehe. bro ngok ceta anime tolanjaang kh?

X-men ada?

Out Of Focus said...

PQ, ada ceta anime yg inda tolanjang kan? Hehehe!!

KantaLensa said...

me tebangun pagi ani senyum-senyum. me wonder why. then me ingat mesti tah sal parking idiot ani coz asal sja me teingat me tesenyum. mesti ada yang wonder "gila pakah?"

nice capture bro. inda ada dua nya. satu pun cukup udah.

tapi me muskil... apa kana mengananya with school girl in anime movie. gigglingnya sja kah?

PainQler said...

Kata c OOF ya suka tngok anime..
Nda tau anime mana satu?

Slalunya org akan ckp katun sja, then not using the word anime..
Anime usually besangkut paut ngan anime katun tolanjjanng!! hahah..

Nda cangai tu eih...

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