iso [i, saw] venom

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - WhazzzaaAAAAaaaAAAAPP!!!!
f2.8 | focal length : 24mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 2 sec | flash : not fired
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Anonymous said...

Haish hehe i tot it's a movie snapshot, yg shadow atu real or edited? Nice oh, somewhat creative. And I can feel the fury looking at this.

PainQler said...

This is new!
Creative work done!

This is a movie..infact an anime that OOF fond of lately..
Yes..perhaps it was edited to make way for something?

The half body Spidey!
The true picture should be the spidey given a BJ by wonderwoman..
That's why spidey gawking & left his mouth wide open..[heheh]

Spidey as seen as on the picture, shouting loudly & saying whazzzauuppppp!!!!..{tengah ending] if u know what i mean{astaga}

This is an epic!

Out Of Focus said...

Dhani, shadow's real man.. Main main saja, thought I get away from my usual landscape photos.

PQ, yeah.. whatever you say man. Hehe!!

VM said...

dude can i take this for my wallpaper? this is awesome man...ur good in this....jdi producer ni nanti

Out Of Focus said...

Boonz, No man.. last night while I was sleeping, I heard a hissing sound so I flash my flash light and ther he was!!! He screamed ' WhaaZZZZAAAAAPPP!!!!' Hehehe!!

Yeah.. Its an 8 inch Venom bust.

VM, oktu boy.. save save save... Hehe!!

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