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You're never too young to start watching your weight.

How many of you guys think that a healthy baby is a baby that's round and cute with cheeks that starts from the neck and ends below the ears?

A doctor once told me to watch what they eat and don't feed them too much. They might be cute now but in the long run, they're in the ride of their life. To quote the doctor, ' maybe okay if the baby is your son, but if it was your daughter and they can't control what they eat, how are they going to find a husband?' end quote.

Think about it..


PainQler said...

That sounds healthy enough..
I'm not a dietician nor a i guess my theory doesn't count..

Seeing a baby with puffy cheek & puffy legs really make the baby looked cute.. One would cuddle,embrace so tightly & kissing it's cheek.

Well, my colleague's daughter resembles to your description..& your a right with that.. Now the mommy is quite worried after seeing a dietician saying her daughter is fat & not in balance with her age..

Pity thou.. Who's fault was it really? The parents or the kids?
I quote.. it's the parent..

They being the parents should monitor their kids to a healthy & well balance diet..

Bla..bla..bla.. on& on..

Dhani said...

Thank God I'm a dude, eat all u can~ *lol* Nice shot bro, mcm one of those baby commercials on TV.

Out Of Focus said...

I wouldn't go that far as to blame the parents.. All I'm saying is don't let other people tell you that your child is kurus and underweight and that you should feed them more. Be sensible, that's it.

...and what's this thing about the word 'kasian' kan? My son was sleeping and then suddenly, out of no where someone looked at him and said "...kasian" Apakan tu?!! Heheh!! Kalo kan kasian, the parents lah!! Hehe!! The parents are the ones who feed them, change them, bath them, play with them.. They should look at me and say kasian... Heheh!!

PainQler said...

Kasian eih c OOF..
Bro ok jua tu..
Taking care of your love ones..

It's not a woman's job no-more..
It's both actually..

So, seeing & listening what u've done..
I'm really proud of you..

GO!!!!! man..
Make Man proud..
[no being sexist thou]..

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