iso [i, saw] the sunset again

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Light My Fire - Vertorama
f8.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

Tried to go out and shoot something new but the weather was bad today... so back to the beach!! Hehe...


Anonymous said...

nice bro, glad to see this. Good stuff.

PainQler said...

Sunset photo really excite me!
Looking at this scenery was relaxing, i can hear roars of the sea wash up on this shore you've captured from here.

Your on the beach again.
At the very same beach..

What is that black thing?
A rock or an egg?
You found the lost egg of the dinosaur age?

P/s: Your photography is really something.. i didn't blink looking at this.. Luckily i slap myself & realise i'm home again.

Out Of Focus said...

Yeah man.. I took over a hundred n forty shots that day but I've got only 3 to show for... Of course those 3 were HDRs, DRIs, vertoramas n megarama. Hehe!

I try to do something different on my sunset shots putting in blue skies n orange horizons. It's a lot of work but it stands out to the normal 'everything's gotto to be yellow in a sunset photo' photo.

Thanks guys for ur support.

PainQler said...

It stood out best!!

I would certainly follow the technique, but then to lazy to do the patching work.. emm..

No wonder my photo's a par performance only..[heheh]

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