iso [i, saw] that lizard species creature too

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Belingkarung Marah
f2.8 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/6sec | flash : not fired
| Description |

Not to be outdone by oXp, I went hunting for a lizard species creature too. I looked high and low only to stumble upon a mutated kind.

It saw me as it's dinner. No wonder... I put lizard bait on my head. I thought I was the hunter but the hunter has become the hunted. Damn.. Why did I put so much bait..

Hisssssss.... It said to me looking at my camera. 'No!! This is mine!!!' I answered confidently. Little did I know that it didn't mean my camera was his, it was just its way of telling me that its pissed.

By that time it raises its hand ready for a strike so I quickly shot it with my camera and ran... screaming like a little school girl from an anime film..

Hehehe!! How's that for a striking pose?

| Photographer said.. |

Not as sharp as my Spidey photo but I left my tripod in the car. Not bad for a hand held 1/6th of a second huh?

So what this lizard called?


overXposed said...

Damn good bro...
Lizard says.." WaaaaaSSSsZzzzzaapppp..."

Anonymous said...

Yeah not bad for hand held. Still can see the details. Good angle though. But f ada belingkarung cemani, lari ku ni hahaha baik satu, mun drg beramai membubut *lol*

Nai69 said...

Cool... it remaind me of Iron Maiden..

PainQler said...

Loving the replica..

This is splendid..
A good one infact..

It looks Familiar..
I'm guessing now..
I wonder if venom would love to date this creature?

Coz both species are beasty & gelojoh...

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