iso [i, saw] the way back

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Nightfall - Vertorama + DRI + HDR
f9.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various | flash : not fired
| Description |

I turned away from the sunset which is behind me now and saw the path back home. The sky had turned blue now hinting that night is about to begin.

I grew scared.. as the journey to my car takes me through the forest you see on the right where the lights were dim and the crickets party.

Come on!! Why does a thirty second shutter feels like an hour?!!

| Photographer said.. |

My initial plan was to do a pano, but seeing as it was getting a little too dark for me (takuuut yo! Utan kaliah!!), I ditched the idea and went for the verto instead.

As like the last photo, the sky was too plain. Too big for a normal landscape, too small for the vertorama, so there's that black borders again.. Hehe!!

| About the photo.. |

5 photos for the HDR which was the wooden walkway, 3 photos DRI for the right lights (not good enough I think), 2 photos for the sky and clouds just to get a little more white in it..

This is actually where airplanes come in to land. I had to clone out a few trail lights caused by them.

Just over an hour's work.. Would've been faster if I had a super fast computer.. Hehe!!


Farish Razali said...

lalalala~nda ku pandai editing OOF! hahaha mcm2 dah di cuba lol!! its really difficult compare to my wedding editing haha this makes me hates editing uwaaaa.. My empire landscapes nda manjadi di malam lol!! yet ku post tah jua di hp blog just menambah2 ilmu yang ku fail ato hehehe!!

pandanvilla said...

boss , ada tips kah kan mengambr low light ni..hehhehe...mcm mana kan meng "super sharp" ato kan..hehe

Farish Razali said...

What i understand.. The lower iso more sharper for the subject.. Bigger apperture more sharper sal less bokeh.. Bowh sukati ku ah.. Hehehe!! Can't wait for my next gigs, got wedding to cover soon.. Try to use bigger apperture.. Krg ku cuba.. Alum tdo neh dari d mlm, kes menyamal.. Hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's right as FR mentioned. Usually it's d aperture. Anyways, about the photo: yet another great shot by OOF. I like the blue sky. But the previous one is still my favourite :P

Farish Razali said...

Gambar ku bidaaaaaa~sober! hahaha!! Y'all likes the bokeh eh? Ntah ah I didnt find it interesting in my eyes.. ewahhh some shots are nice but not mostly.. *kes nda pandai la ku anie hehe** even in wedding usually smaller aperture doesnt suit my style lol!! i rather use 5.6 or bigger hihi but it depends on individual perspective of what they want and take hehe cuba try youtube im sure there's some video on the basic learning on photography hehehe i do sometimes watching those videos hihi

VM said...

since u made d story that way...yes it does put it alil bit scary the photo. i dun knw whether u guys agree with me or not...jgn d sangka air yg tenang nada buaya.hahaha

kira cematu laa..calm relaxing mcm on an island or something..kali rupanya haunted...or ada serial killer...damn man. hehehe

superb work bro...4 thumbs up...campur thumb kaki ku jua.

im dry bro...nada gambar

Out Of Focus said...

Many thanks for the kind words guys. And also for helping out pandanvilla.

One thing to remember jua is the processing. After I've done with the stitching, levels, color balance, curves, hue and saturation (yeah that's right!! I do all these things. Hehe!!) I sharpen it up with the unsharp mask filter. Not too much, between 1-2 pixels.

If you're talking about the right llbalance of the photos at different lightings, I use different exposure technique (see my tutorial).

If you're talking about the clarity and details of the photos, I use HDR techniques. The way I do it is I combine them, meaning some parts HDR some not. For example this photo I used HDR on the wooden pathway but the rest is non HDR. Manually blended in CS3.

Byk kaja boy but the results are satisfying. Plus, seeing as how Farish sasak inda tebuat, it makes it the more sweeter. Hehe!!!

pandanvilla said...

tq semua yg sudi membagi tips ato eh...sangat2 di hargai...

Farish Razali said...

apaeh??? Jahat!!! mengumpat aku ya si oof!! ahh!! nanti~asteeeeee.. awu diri apa jua budak baru belajar tentang benda2 anie.. apa jua kan diri ani wedding photographer bukan benda2 mcm anie.. sedih ehh~ sob sob.. lol!!!! mun wedding editing its similar to oof kind of editing but a bit diff huhu which I really hates when it comes to heavy editing anie **betamu kirai** cuz I dont get what to edit in these photo.. huhu mun org bah~bagi tia hihi bah eh menyamal ku eh nda ku singgah sini lagi.. apa jua~lalalalala

p/s: pandan u can go to for some tutorial in terms of editing as well youtube (i know its a bit slow and not details but u might get some ideas from it) more or less si oof lah sifu nya.. aku nyamal ku ne.. haha!!

PainQler said...

This looks familiar..

No it's the jetty again..
A beautiful scenery..
I could spent long hours here, witnessing this soothing atmosphere..

I'm stuck at office doing paperworks..
Been 2weeks now with no shoot..

I need to relax..

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