iso [i, saw] before the esplanade lightings gone

Photo by overXposed Title - The Esplanade - DRI
f/13 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various

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The lightings at the Esplanade roofing were turned off at midnight. And i only managed to shoot 3 photos for this DRI of 30s, 25s and 15s exposures. Yeah, talking about luck versus conserving energy.


Cybercanon said...

bro did you use high, med and nor exposures for all your night shots? now it interest me to take pics at night hours :D

overXposed said...

CC: how shall i answer this a way, yes. But as been taught by OOF: aperture constant and the exposure try from 30s,25s,20s or every 5s decrements or even down to 1s. sometimes when at long exposure the image will be oXped(overexposed) and have to be discarded. sometimes it requires up to 7 photos to be layered for DRI. Lurus kah explaination ku atu OOF?

Out Of Focus said...

Yeah.. Something like that. I like to start with a 30sec exposure which means finding out what aperture suits best for the 30sec exposure meaning the dark areas are well exposed for the 30sec exposure with a suitable aperture. Hehe!!

Then I reduce the shutter speeds at 2 stops decrements (30sc 20sc 13sc...) until the brightest light are properly exposed. Then it's all about the blending in CS3 using the DRI technique..

So CC.. my night shots doesn't impress u huh? oXp saja ah? *sniff* hehe!!

Dhani said...

Firstly, awesome shot. As I said, you are getting better at this DRI, well done. Second, thanks for the information, good explanation :)

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