iso [i, saw] a boat

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Forgotten - Vertorama
f11.0 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : 1/200sec & 1/1000sec | flash : not fired
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I just got back from a two day trip to the island of Bintan, Indonesia.

It's a pretty cool place for rest and relaxation. I didn't do much photo shooting on landscapes if not at all. It was more like a family day outing, just the three of us.

This was shot when we took a car hire to a place called Tanjung Uban, about 45 minutes from our hotel resort. I couldn't resist stopping the car and get at least one shot other than of my son.

I heard Brunei's been dark and gloomy lately because of the haze so here's one of the sky in case you've forgotten how it looks like.

Sembahyang hajat lagi kamu ni? Heheh...


aleh said...

row-row-row ur boat...look dramatic, nice bro

Anonymous said...

Ahh I miss the blue sky even more. Photo is awesome, everything is nice, as expected OOF, great compo, luv the natural look =)

s167 & Dva said...

i miss shooting landscapes what Dhani said, great compo bro..

PainQler said...


Indeed Relaxing & mind easing..
Owh how i'd wish..
To hijack that fisherman boat & crusie to the nearby island...
Away from the busy life..

And for sure that island mesti ada babe tolanjang... refreshing..


P/s: Sembahyang hajat minta turunkn duit bnyk2 dari langit..

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