iso [i, saw] a merlion

Photo by overXposed Title - Hidden Dragon Spitting Merlion - DRI
f/13 | focal length : 10mm | ISO 100 | shutter speed : various
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This will be my last photo of Singapore scenery. After this post i will be a little bit quiet for a while due to shortage of photos but i will initiate myself to post something, This photo consists of 7 photos at different exposures for DRI.


KantaLensa said...

nice one bro. I realise that despite numerous times in Spore, I've not been to this place.

Out Of Focus said...

oXp tu lah yg terror.. I ikut ikut je.. Hehehe!!

Well done bro.. never thought u could do something like this huh?

overXposed said...

I tak terror I ganas jer.......heheheheh

PainQler said...

Me too..
Didn't know how to get there..
[just being agreeable with kanta&oXp]

I've seen this statue..
A head of lion & body of a Fish..

This must be a lionfish..
A fishlion, a lionmermaid?..

But still this is a great photo..
Never fail to impress me this guy!

Who's that at the steps?
Spidey having abreak?

P/s: Giler..
Creative banar org sclupt that statue aah..
Mesti ia mkn ikan teliat harimau..

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