iso [i, saw] ryan

Photo by Out Of Focus | Title - Mind Over Matter
f4.5 | focal length : 11mm | ISO 320 | shutter speed : 1/40sec | flash : not fired| Description |

Here's a photo of my son at the Bintan Lagoon Beach Resort.

This was when he was preparing for his moment, calculating the average wind speed, multiplying the depth of the sea with the rotation of the earth.. thinking how long it will take him to reach the island on the horizon.. Hehe!!

I quickly dropped my camera and picked him up before he had a chance to scare us.


aleh said...

...the best dady. Careing and good photografer

akulensa said...

cita2 tinggi 2 nk menyelam smp pulau sane 2..

Anonymous said...

Awww nice shot, one day ryan will outdo the daddy in photography hehe! the student becomes the master, but of course u r the legend OOF ;)

Out Of Focus said...

If Ryan can outdo me then I can retire and live off his earnings on photography. Hahaha!!

Thanks guys..

VM said...

legend ---- wait for it ----- dary!!

hehehe...i dun even dare letting rayyan go when he was dat age... :P
sudah nya bediri belusir baru ta ia merasa pantai tu...atu pun kena pujuk ku oleh the wifey.

nice one dude

Out Of Focus said...

VM, we got him his first swimming suit, the one he's wearing when he was 7 months old!! Kabak2 ku pulang.. Hehe!! He wore it at Sunway Lagoon. It's cool man.. Supaya inda takut aying cam bapanya. Haha!!!

PainQler said...

He's looking..
He's calculating..
He's ready..

Let the 100m swim meet begin..
Pripppp!!!!....{the Whistle blew]

Reaching on the other side..
He'd just recall..
He forgot to bring along a towel & his camera..

P/s: I'd still recall..
Going to the beach..
Diving with my shirt on..
Only to realise..
I'd lost my pants while
going under..

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